Wild Child 3rd October

Making fire and food together

Our second Wild Child club was great fun yesterday and we’re really enjoying getting to know the new cohort of children and see new friendships forming within the group.

We kicked off with an energetic game of Yummy Yucky Land – the children loved running and shouting about their favourite foods and it certainly started us off on a high! Our main activity for the session was learning about fire, and we showed the children how to start their own fires with a flint and steel. Bear Grylls would have been proud!

One of our favourite things about Wild Child is seeing the children’s creativity grow and develop. Yesterday was very special because rather than the leaders telling a story, a few of the children wanted to put on their own drama sketch and perform it to the rest of the group. We loved seeing the children confidently tell their story of witches, fire-balls and magic spells!

Finishing off with pizzas straight from the oven. Yum! Looking forward to next week already…

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