We need your help!

Please support our application to keep gardening on Dobbins Field.

Wandsworth Council have asked us to apply for planning permission for our community garden site. We’re not building any permanent structures, and nor do we plan to in the future, but we need to be granted permission to keep using the site for gardening and our community projects, and to keep using our sheds, poly-tunnels, fences and yurt.

We would love as many people in our network as possible to support our application and lend their voice to say what impact we have in our local community and on our local natural environment. If you want to discuss any part of our application in more detail, or have questions before you write your comments please contact team@paradisecooperative.org

Thank you!

How to support our application

  1. Go to our live planning application page on the council’s website, or search for us using our reference number 2018/1612
  2. Read our application by downloading the documents at the bottom of the page. If you’re short on time, just read THE PARADISE CO-OPERATIVE COVER LETTER MARCH 2018 which summarises our request. We are applying for “retention of structures, and change of use to Sui Generis”. The change of use is due to the Council having no specific designation for this land currently although history shows this was always used for horticulture and allotment use (see the maps)
  3. When you’re ready to comment, follow the link “Comment on Application” at the top of the page, (direct link)
  4. Our application is for retention of structures and land-use. The council will only give weight to certain criteria, so while all comments and support are helpful, it will be particularly useful to our application if you can describe any or all of the following points: a) your opinion on the impact on the natural environment and habitats that we have had (pond, hedgerows, trees, veg-beds) b) your opinion of how our work has visually affected the area (view from the road, the changes since we started there) c) your opinion on the appearance and upkeep of the site, d) your opinion on the layout, purpose and use of the structures, (e.g. sheds, polytunnels, yurt, wood-store etc.) e) your opinion of the sustainability of our stewardship of the site and how it affects the local community f) (If you read our comments on the use of the land historically) – the previous planning history of allotment use on this site and the neighbouring land on Neal’s Nursery.
  5. Please remember that your name and e-mail address will be published online with your comments.
  6. Please do not comment using a work or official e-mail address unless you have permission to do so as a representative of that organisation. It is better to use a personal address.

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