Wild Child testimonials

We love getting feedback from the children who come to our Wild Child clubs, and their parents too. Here’s some of our favourites.

“My son took me back to Wimbledon Common at the weekend and we hunted for the place where he and the other children had built the dens out of tree branches. We actually found it, he used the map on my iPhone to work out where he had entered the common.  He was delighted to be able to show it to me, we sat in it and felt safe.  He told me all about it and what contribution he had made, we even found the cut marks he had made with his penknife on some of the branches. It was a very happy memory for him and now for me.”

Parent, Wild Child Half-Term club

“Thank you for putting such a wonderful programme together for our city kids…[J] is actually a total wild child at heart. We went proper camping in the summer holidays for the first time as a family and he was super confident about making the camp fire and his siblings were incredibly jealous of his penknife which he used to ‘whittle’ sticks to use to cook marshmallows on the camp fire.  He did share but not without giving instructions first!”

Parent, Wild Child Half-Term club

“My eight-year-old son attends weekly sessions at Dobbin’s Field, – outdoorsy, energetic, thoughtful sessions that absolutely bring out the best in him and his friends. He’s a keen climber, and full of beans, and his few hours there every week engage him with complete and compelling focus. He has learned so much: he recently taught me (a 46-year-old dinosaur) how to whittle. It’s a total joy.”

Parent, Wild Child After-School club

“Now I know that you should respect nature. I learnt about myself that I really like the wild. Before I came here I wasn’t sure, but now I am”

Child, 8, at Wild Child Half-Term club

“I love Wild Child! I learnt that we can’t live without worms or bees. I learnt that I can do most things that I thought I couldn’t do, like hold a chicken!”

Child, 9, at Wild Child Half-Term club

“I like the fire. I put wood on it and using magnesium and steel to light it. I never got to make a fire before and Sam let me make it again another day when I couldn’t do it the first time”

Child, 10, at Wild Child Half-Term club

“I liked the crafts and the hedgehog houses!”

Child, 9

“I learned how to make a fire and use a pen-knife, it was great, I know all about the safe zone you need to have around you when doing those things”

Child, 8

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